Design and Construction

Handyman services

Our company offers Handyman services to the domestic and commercial markets. If you are looking for Handyman you have come to the right place. We have been offering handyman services for many years and we have built an excellent reputation.

Our professional handyman have carried out numerous projects for both Domestic and Commercial customers and most of our work is found by recommendation.

Our handyman services include:

Install house windows/ Remodelling windows;

Installation and Remodelling Countertops;

Appliances installation/remodelling;

Floor installation/remodelling;

Installation/remodelling walls;

Door installation/remodelling;

Installation/remodelling electrical;

Plumbing installation/remodelling;

Installation and Remodelling General Carpentry;

The following services are carried out to a high standard using the best quality products available.

We always welcome new clients and try to show them our best. With many years of experience in handyman services we can offer services and products to suit your budget. Whether your property is a domestic or commercial one, we can work to your specification.

It is our purpose to provide quality and reliable service to our customers at competitive rates.